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Services of physical protection of persons and property

Security of mass events


Agencja Ochrony HEKTOR [HEKTOR Security Company] is a company operating since 2001, running its business activity on the basis of Concession no. L-0301/10 issued by the Minister of Interior and Administration.


Our services:

  • securing mass events: sports events, concerts and congresses, including higher-risk sports events, i.e. football matches,
  • VIP personal security,
  • medical and technical security of mass events,
  • security of public utility facilities,
  • security and janitor services in A+ class office buildings,
  • security of facilities and areas around industrial plants and residential estates,
  • security of stationary and mobile (roads, railways) building sites, 
  • monitoring of alarm systems, designing and installation,
  • cleaning services in office, commercial and industrial facilities, as well as in housing communities,
  • maintenance of green areas and other areas outside of buildings.


Physical security is provided by the staff holding an entry into the list of qualified physical security officers and an updated certificate confirming no criminal records. Depending on the specific nature of the area being secured, our staff is equipped with wireless means of communication and means of direct coercion.

The employees of Agencja Ochrony HEKTOR wear uniforms with a visible corporate logo.

We are here… to protect you.


Security of mass events

Agencja Ochrony HEKTOR specialises in complex security and protection of mass events, e.g. concerts, festivals and sports events, as well as other recreational, occasional and company events. Each event is secured in accordance with the requirements included in the Act of 20 March 2009 on Mass Events Security.



Security of higher-risk events

Agencja Ochrony HEKTOR has experience in securing mass events with higher risk, having qualified physical security officers, who are fully trained and prepared to suppress a hotbed of potential conflicts and disturbances which might occur on a mass event site.

We provide services of preparing complete documentation necessary to obtain a permit /decision/ to organise a mass event. On behalf of our business partners, we conduct talks with public institutions, i.e. Police, State Fire Brigade, Ambulance Services, SANEPID Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and the City Council with the scope of the required documents and deadlines for documents delivery.

In order to improve secure a mass event site Agencja Ochrony HEKTOR offers a possibility of renting different kinds of fencing designed for securing events and concerts, beginning with openwork metal fencing, through light fencing, to heavy barrier fencing, enabling creation and separation of zones with public access, places inaccessible to the audience and creation of technical backup zones. We perform activities relating to mass events logistics and we are able to organise technical, stage, lighting, sanitary, medical and catering infrastructure, and also pyrotechnic shows.

We are here… to protect you.


Medical security

      Agencja Ochrony Hektor provides services in the scope of medical rescue. Our carefully selected and equipped Medical Rescue Team organises medical security for each event and it will create a medical security plan on the basis of the analysis of the nature of a given event, event venue, distribution of medical points and medical patrols.

       Agencja Ochrony Hektor has modern medical equipment: 8 ambulances, 2 rescue motorcycles, 2 rescue quads, a lifeboat, a rescue water scooter and rescue bikes. Our medical team members have respective signs and are equipped in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Health concerning minimum requirements in the area of medical security of mass events, published in Dz.U.12.34.181 of 17 February 2012.

            We provide Rescue Patrols to perform qualified first aid and patients' transport to the Medical Assistance Unit. We can set up a stationary Medical Assistance Unit operated by an experienced doctor and qualified mid-level medical staff, as well as medical assistance station. We can assign a Medical Coordinator for the needs of event security. We also cooperate with public and private health care facilities.

I invite you to cooperation,

We are here… to protect you.